Match Rules

Note: US Steel Shoot uses safety rules as outlined by USPSA.
For anything not specifically covered below refer to the current USPSA safety rules or the match officials.

  1. No one will be allowed to participate if they have been drinking alcohol or are not in complete control of his or her faculties.

  2. Eye and hearing protection must be worn when shooting. Spectators must also wear hearing and eye protection.

  3. Pistols must be kept in a holster or case and unloaded until at the firing line and the command to load is given. All semi-autos must be kept with the hammer down and the magazine removed.

  4. Match disqualification for unsafe gun handling.

  5. These matches will be conducted on a "COLD RANGE" which means that there will be no loaded firearms carried on the range. The only time a gun will be loaded will be on the line as commanded by the Range Officer.

  6. There will be a designated "Safe Area" on the range where shooters will be able to bring their unloaded gun in their range bag and place into their holsters. At the end of the match the shooters will return to the "Safe Area" where they will unholster and bag their guns .

  7. All commands will be given by the Range Officer.

  8. When called to the line a competitor should take up his position in the firing box, facing downrange and await instructions.

  9. If at ANY time the Range Officer issues the command "STOP", the competitor must immediately cease all activity and await further instructions.

  10. When the Range Officer verifies that the stage is ready and clear of personnel he/she will announce that "The range is going HOT, Eyes and Ears. The shooter may ask any questions that they might have at this point.

  11. If there are no questions the Range Officer will command: "LOAD AND MAKE READY". When this command is given the competitor will face downrange, load his handgun and engage it's safety. He will then take up the starting position for that stage.

  12. Start position is usually with the competitor facing downrange, pistol holstered and hands raised with wrists above shoulders. For 22 Rimfire events it will be with the gun in a low ready or as indicated by the match officials.

  13. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES may a competitor leave the firing box/ line with a loaded pistol!

  14. The next range command by the RO is "SHOOTER READY?" If the competitor is not ready at the time of this command he must shout "not ready."

  15. The next range command by the RO is "STANDBY" This command will be followed by an audible cue to commence firing.

  16. Muzzle must be pointed down range at all times when your pistol is out of the holster or case.

  17. After the STOP Plate is hit, during strings one through four, competitors should engage the safety and lower the pistol, finger off the trigger, while the time keeper records the score. The Range Officer will then command: "RELOAD IF NECESSARY".

  18. At this time the competitor may reload if necessary, engage the safety, reholster the pistol and resume the start position to await the next command.

  19. When the stage is completed the Range Officer will command: "UNLOAD AND SHOW CLEAR":
    a. Revolver shooters will eject all cartridges and show an empty cylinder.
    b. Auto shooters will remove the magazine, pull back the slide, ejecting any round in the chamber, and allow the Range Officer to visually verify that it is clear. 
    c. When the Range Officer is satisfied that the pistol is clear he will command: "IF CLEAR, HAMMER DOWN AND HOLSTER". The competitor will then release the slide, point the pistol downrange, pull the trigger and then secure it properly in the holster or gun case.
    d. When all of these actions have been completed, to the Range Officer's satisfaction, he will then give the command: "RANGE IS CLEAR". Only after this final command may the competitor leave the firing box.

  20. Failure to obey any of the safety rules will result in match disqualification and loss of entry fee.

  21. Participants must declare which divisions they are participating in when registering for the match.